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What is eCover Suite Elite?

eCoverSuiteElite is a full suite of Photoshop eCover actions, designed specifically with modern internet marketers in mind. It simply plugs into Adobe photoshop® on either a Mac or a PC, and works for you whenever you need to create a new product box or eBook cover.

More simply, eCoverSuiteElite is what you use when you need to create pro quality, high converting eCovers for any of your Online products. We try our best to help out too, so if you need an eCover which is'nt currently in the already massive collection, tell us, and we'll see what we can whip up!

What are the system requirements?

Adobe Photoshop CS2,CS3 or CS4 (English, German or Spanish version)
Hard-Disk space: 70MB
(Note: If your computer can run Photoshop®, it should be able to run eCoverSuiteElite)

Is eCover Suite Elite cross OS compatible?

Yep, because eCoverSuiteElite isn't a standalone piece of software, it should work on any system that can currently run Adobe® Photoshop®.

Is there a free sample of eCover Suite Elite?

Yes there is a free sample version.

Please note: If you download the free sample of eCoverSuiteElite, we'd prefer if you only used the action for personal use. Thanks in advance.

The Pro version on the other hand is completely unrestricted, and we recommend that designers who plan on using our actions to sell their own services (e.g Mini-site designs, eBook cover designs, Newsletters etc.) purchase this version of the eCoverSuiteElite licence. It's also for people who may want to contribute to keeping us motivated to create and update the current versions. Everyone needs a little encouragement now and again : )
eCoverSuiteElite pro version currently holds over 40 actionscripts & counting! Download it today.

I'd like to download the free version. Where can I download the eCoverSuite Elite sample?

You can request a download from here: Download eCoverSuiteElite. You'll be prompted to enter your email address & name. When that's done we'll send out your download link to the email address you specify- so you can use the software.

I'd like to purchase the pro version. Where can I buy eCoverSuiteElite (pro)?

You can purchase a licence from here: Purchase eCoverSuiteElite. All our transactions are completed on a secure server hosted by Paypal®. Once your purchase has been completed, you'll be automatically sent your software download link from 'SecureDigitalDownload'.

I haven't received a confirmation email for my free download?

The first thing to check is that you our email hasn't been mistakenly sent to your "bulk email" or "spam" folder. If this happens, find the email and do whatever you need to do to mark it as "not spam". This will stop any future messages from us going in the spam bin as well!

Note: We hate spam (& spammers), so we'll never send you any - period.

Also note, if it's been more than 24hrs and you still haven't received your download link (and you've double checked your 'Spam' folder) you may want to request a new download. You can do that here: Download eCoverSuiteElite

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