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eCoverSuiteElite works within Adobe® Photoshop® allowing you to create amazing 3D eBook covers & minutes!
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Professional ebook cover software, made to work for you!

eCoverSuiteElite is now available for English, German & Spanish versions of Photoshop®.
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Make your product stand out from the crowd.

eCover Suite Elite allows you to instantly create a professional looking eBook cover and software box in just a few minutes, and it's really easy too. Simply download & plug-in eCoverSuiteElite to your Adobe Photoshop® actionscript dock, and you’ll be creating 3D eCover and eBook cover designs in moments. (Even if you’ve never tried before, or never used an actionscript!)

Originally developed for designers and Internet marketers alike, our photoshop actions are guaranteed to speed up the time it takes to create eBook covers, Software boxes, Report covers and more. Each of the eCover actions designed for eCoverSuiteElite were created individually by hand and on average each took a hefty 3 hours to produce. Now that we've turned them into actionscripts, they should help you cut that down to around 3 minutes!

Perfect for use in all your websites, print-outs & presentations.

With sharp high definition output of up to 300 pixels per inch, eCover Suite Elite produces eCovers, software box & ebook covers which are more than ready for both your Print and Web projects.

eCoverSuiteElite makes it incredibly easy to...

  • Create great-looking DVDs and eBooks for your own website.
  • Give your software or eBooks instant tangibility & professionalism.
  • Get yout offline books & products to look their best online.
  • and even make realistic project mock-ups for your clients!


Sounds good right. But how does it work?

Well, first of all, we’ve made it as easy as possible. We were tired of using over-complicated resource & time hogging solutions, so you won't find any of that with eCover Suite Elite. Our software has been streamlined to the max, so that all it takes to use any of the 60+ Actionscripts is 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Press play, & the photoshop actionscripts will create your eBook or eCover template for you. (This is your basic outline, & it’s in 2D for easy editing!)

Step 2: Simply create a new, or copy & paste your previously made designs into the documents template area & line everything up so it fits just right.

Step 3: Choose ‘step 2’ from the actions panel & click on the play button at the base of the same panel. Your eCover Suite Elite actionscript will go ahead and convert your 2D design into a professional looking 3D eCover. Just sit back and relax while it does its job. It really is that simple!

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Getting Started

You can be using your Mac or PC, it simply doesn't matter, eCover Suite elite works seamlessly on both. As long as you already have either the English, German or Spanish versions of Adobe Photoshop® installed (CS2/CS3/CS4 or CS5) , eCover Suite Elite will simply plug-in and start working for you straight away.

Whether you're a complete newbie or a seasoned pro, eCover Suite Elite will make the 3D eBook cover design process easier than ever before. All your Online products and eBook covers will be given the desired look & feel they've always deserved!

Fact: A great looking product shot or software box can give your product instant credibility, and catapult your conversions sky-high. We've noticed some sites claiming an increase of up to 300% after making use of a professional ecover.

Psst, eCoverSuiteElite is great for designers too!

If you're a Designer, have you ever thought of adding eBook covers to your portfolio?

Just doing a simple search for ebook cover designer will throw back over 200,000 results, and approx. 2 pages of advertisments! Having so many people advertising means that there is definately money to be made in the eCover design niche.

You could design awesome 2D product graphics in photoshop, and then use eCover Suite Elite to convert those graphics into an amazing 3D box or selection of eBook covers.

eCover Suite Elite has also been designed to leave a lot of flexibility for pro graphic designers. (This is where a lot of other eCover software fails). Most of the actionscripts within eCover Suite Elite use layers, & almost all of these layers are left intact for further editing if needed. This means that you can add your own special changes to make your eCovers really unique, and stand out from the rest.


Checkout the results for yourself!

We think eCoverSuiteElite rocks the socks off anything else currently on the market, but instead of writing a four page essay on all the reasons why, we thought we'd let the results speak for themselves!

Take a quick peek at the massive amount of ebook covers, software boxes, magazine covers, and more - you'll be able to create with your ebook cover software today, and all at a click of a button!
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So in short, here's what we've got...

An incredibly easy & professional way of creating eCovers, software boxes, eBook covers & more. All within Adobe® Photoshop® CS2,CS3,CS4 & now CS5. Which’ll pretty much take all the effort out of meticulously constructing your own product shots - plus it’ll spit out high definition print & web ready 300dpi professional results, (even if you’re not a pro). Plus - That's not all either, We've literally spent months and months creating eCoverSuiteElite, we didn't wanted it to be any less than the best. so to show you how much we believe our ebook cover software is top notch - it's backed by our full 30 day money back guarantee!.

& here's what it can do for you...

  • Increase your online profits, by giving your customers confidence in your product.
  • Give your eBook cover, Software box, Audio, Membership or Video products, a pro quality & highly desirable eCover.
  • Plus,(if you're a designer) it might just make your life that little bit easier.

So, If you’re interested - even in the slightest of ways - Here’s what you've got to do next.

  1. Simply Click on the 'Add to cart' button located on this page.
  2. Customize your order, & checkout!
  3. Within a few seconds you'll recieve an email with your reciept & verification of purchase.
  4. Once verified, We'll send you your unique download link, so you can start creating your very own eCovers today!
  5. So what are you waiting for, we guarantee the current price won't last for ever... Add to cart now!

Adobe® Photoshop CS2,CS3,CS4 or CS5 required
Available for English, Spanish & German Versions of Photoshop®.
Mac & PC Compatible.
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