27 Nov

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eCoverSuiteElite & CS5

Hi guys,

Just a quick note to let you all know that we’ve had a number of
people get in touch wondering about whether or not eCoverSuiteElite
works within Adobe Photoshop CS5.

The simple answer is yes it does!

Checkout the main site – here for more info.

All the best,
– eCoverSuiteElite Support

28 Oct

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The eBook Cover Software Offer of the Year!

Just writing a quick note for you guy’s letting you know that we’re practically giving eCoverSuiteElite away today! (But we can only afford to do this for a seriously limited period).

We’ve absolutely slashed the price of our software which will allow you to get access to it even if you’re on the tightest of budgets.

Take advantage of it while you can!

All the best and to your unlimited success,

– eCoverSuiteElite

To take advantage of this amazing offer, simply click the link below…

View your eCoverSuiteElite – ebook cover software offer here!

10 Sep

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Free, Software Box Photoshop Action!

Hi everyone!,
We posted earlier in the week that we were going to release another
free eCoverSuiteElite software box action. So, true to our word here it is.

Click here to Download the free software box action

We simply hope that you enjoy it, use it, and it would be absolutely
awesome if you could spread the word about it!

Take it easy,

When you’re ready for more, Check out the full version! – eCoverSuiteElite (ebook cover software)

06 Sep

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Free Software Box – Plus more updates!

Hi Guy’s, Just a heads up – we’re planning on posting a free software box action for you soon. So keep an eye out for that.

Plus we’re also planning another possible future update for eCoverSuiteElite. So, it would be really cool to hear your suggestions and get your input. We’d love to know what sort of additions you’d like to see for the next awesome eCoverSuiteElite update.

Simply Suggest or make a comment – We read every one. If you’re just passing by, we’d love to know what you need or you’re looking for in ebook cover software and photoshop actions.

Post your ideas, links to images you’d love to see, or even post your own sketches. Any and all ideas are welcome! angles, type of action, software box, DVD, bundles etc. They’re all good 🙂

We create this software for you so it’d be awesome to get your inspiration and input too.

So look out for that free software box coming soon, plus leave a comment or contact us here.

02 Jun

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New design, new updates, & now multilingual!

It’s been an interesting week; we’ve completely redesigned our site, we’ve taken on board requests for eCoverSuiteElite to be translated into Spanish and German (Consider it done!), and we’ve added even more to the already insanely big collection of Photoshop actionscripts that is eCoverSuiteElite.

Check out some samples from the suite here.

We’re still polishing up the blog & site aesthetics, but we’re almost there. Everything should be up and running at the end of the day (fingers crossed).

Anyway we’d just like to thank everyone for checking out the site, and if you need anything just send us a shout out over here – or leave a comment below !

All the best & take it easy,

13 May

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We’re translating the full suite! – eCoverSuiteElite

It’s been in the plan for some time now to try and re-create the full set of eCoverSuiteElite Photoshop actions with multiple language support. At the time of writing they are currently only compatible with the English version of Photoshop, and as such you can’t use the actions if you’re working on the Chinese version etc.

Loads of you have written in prompting us to convert them to Spanish, and we’ve also had a quite a number of requests for a German version also. So today, we’re starting the epic task of rescripting and rewriting our ebook cover actions – so they work across the world! (Or at least in the Spanish/German versions anyway)

All we ask is that you wish us luck, this task may take some time 🙂
Want us to try and rescript eCoverSuiteElite to work in your version of photoshop?
– Let us know, Leave a comment below!

Update May 21st : We’re making good progress with the conversions and beta tests, so we’re hoping (as long as we don’t run into any major hiccups) to make the German & Spanish versions of our eCoverSuiteElite ebook cover actions available near the end of this month or beginning of next month! – So stay tuned.

18 Apr

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10 Simple and Impressive Design Techniques

Here’s a handy article written by the guys over at SmashingMagazine, illustrating

some pro techniques used to make your designs stand out from the rest…


We liked it, thought you might too, check it out!

– eCoverSuiteElite

09 Feb

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Top 10 stock photo sites you should add to your design toolbox – Right now!

If you haven’t already compiled your own ‘Best of’ list of stock photo sites, no problem – we’re about to share with you our list of top 10 favourite stock photography sites on the web.

Most designers these days use a collection of Image sites that they can call upon when they really need an image appropriate to the work they’re doing. If you plan on designing ebook covers, eCovers or websites for a living, then it’s probably best that you find your own too.

Some designers choose to stick to popular sites like – BigStockPhoto or 123RF, and download all their images from 1 or 2 sites, but there are others who like to mix things up a bit and use a larger selection.

Since using stock photos in design is pretty much essential, we thought we’d share with you our own ‘swipe file’ of favourite Stock Photography websites. The following list is a small compilation of the websites we go to when we need new or just plain awesome images for our ebook designs, website designs and other work. It’s a short list (in comparison to what else is out there), but it’ll definately get you started – visit the sites, try them out, and tell us which one you like best.

So, in no particular order, here’s the selection we like to use…

Go check ’em out!

All the best and to your success,
– eCoverSuiteElite

04 Jan

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eBook cover report action.

Hey guys, lately we’ve been reading through some of the many requests we’ve been getting in – in regards to actions that you’d like to see in future versions of eCoverSuiteElite. One of the main requests which kept coming up again and again, was a standard coil bound cover for newsletters and reports.

So in response to the requests, we’ve spent the last few days creating 4 ebook cover report actions for you.

Below is the result produced by 1 of the 4 new report cover actions –

These actions have been packaged up, & are now available to download with eCoverSuiteElite pro here

All the best, and to your success.

– eCoverSuiteElite

17 Dec

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eCoverSuiteElite – Featured on CSS Mania!

CSSmania, the most updated css showcase all over the globe – has featured eCoverSuiteElite!
It’s awesome!

CSS Mania has always been a great place to go and check out new website designs, and gain great inspiration for new projects. And, I’ve got to admit that I’m slightly addicted to checking out the talent and diversity of websites presented there myself. With that in mind, this morning as I logged on,  It was absolutely awesome to see a thumbnail of eCoverSuiteElite staring me right in the face! We’ve been featured by CSS Mania.

So basically, here’s a shout out to the guys at CSSMania.com – Thanks for compliment, and here’s wishing you all a very merry Christmas!